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Parmida General Trading LLC (P.G.T) is a well-established and trusted General Trading Company headquartered in the vibrant business landscape of the United Arab Emirates. With a rich history dating back to 2006, our commitment to excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction has made us a prominent player in the global trading industry.

  • Auto Spare Parts
  • Fuel Polishing Filters & Systems
  • Building Materials & Equipment
  • Electro-Mechanical Equipment
  • Electronics & Technology Parts
  • Medical Equipment
  • Foodstuffs
  • Retail Trade

Our unwavering commitment to excellence, global reach, and personalized service positions us as your trusted partner in trade.  More . . .

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The smart door lock Euro cylinder is suitable for most Europeans door lock cylinders. It is free of wiring and drilling and can easily replaces tradition mechanical key, supports Card, Mobile Phone Bluetooth and Password.
Separ Filter is a water separator and fuel filter for light diesel fuel. An entirely new multistage centrifugal system ensures a 100% solution to the water problem and particulate in diesel fuel.
VITO oil filter system - the world's most innovative frying oil filter and oil tester. VITO oil filter systems save up to 50% costs simply by cleaning the frying oil, shortening or any other frying medium.
Our device sets new standards in coolant and lubricant filtration technology. With impressive efficiency, it removes impurities and chips from lubricants, preventing pump clogging and contributing to enhanced ...
Automotive Interior Air Purified Machine, Most Advance Nano Grade Antibacterial & Air Conditioning Cleaning , portable antibacterial vaporizer suitable for use in all kinds of vehicles and also won’t harm interior
Extend the shelf life of meat, vegetables or fish in a vacuum, protect industrial products from moisture or shield electronic components from electrostatic charges, Professional vacuum sealing in a vacuum bags.
We craft top-quality flavors, essences, and baking agents, setting global trends with individual, authentic, and sustainable 'Made in Germany' excellence. all products are Halal certified
With pride, we offer you top-quality green coffee beans, both Arabica and Robusta, in wholesale quantities. All our offerings consist of unroasted, primarily specialty-grade Arabica, Robusta beans

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We are here to assist you in discovering the optimal solution for fuel and frying oil filtration.